Dawn of the Unflankables

Chapter 31: Scales Of Justice

The heroes are back in Addertown. They stop at Mognan’s to pick up Gale and the old fellow is startled when he discovers the Yuan-Ti inside the wagon. The heroes yell at him to get in the wagon and make his own damn tea. The issue of returning the Yuan-Ti hangs over their heads. They decide to force the snake-man to drink a flask of Darksex’s memory loss potion. Pineroot does the honors, using Gale’s funnel to do the deed. He then grabs the Yuan-Ti and shakes him up.

When the Yuan-Ti’s eyes refocus, the heroes tell him that they saved him from their other captive, Olaf the dwarf. They say that Olaf threatened to hurt Gale unless they all kidnapped a Yuan-Ti, and that eventually they overcame the horrible criminal and that they’re helping bring the snake-man back to his people. Confused, the Yuan-Ti accompanies Ryndir to the front of the wagon to help lead them to a Yuan-Ti hut.

Meanwhile, Darksex deals with the angry Olaf. The cursing prisoner makes quite a fuss and Darksex responds by throwing memory potion in his face. He follows it up with a cup of water, and then another cup, and then a rag. Then he makes him drink the memory loss potion. Eventually, the heroes reach one of the Yuan-Ti huts. The Yuan-Ti prepares to leave and the heroes bring up that their friend is still held captive as collateral. The Yuan-Ti goes into the hut to discuss this with his people. Ten or so minutes pass with no sign of the Yuan-Ti. A peek into the hut reveals that it is dark and uninhabited.

Suddenly, the Unflankables realize that they are surrounded by a host of Yuan-Ti, them having slithered up silently. The snake-men have drawn their swords and the heroes raise their arms in a gesture of friendliness. A Yuan-Ti with the body of a man and the head of a snake approaches between his comrades. He tells the heroes to follow him below ground. They comply, leaving their weapons at the wagon, but bringing the bound Olaf. The Yuan-Ti leads them into the hut and down a staircase hidden under the bed.

The descent is uneventful, though Ryndir tries to break the silence with frequent attempts at small talk. The Yuan-Ti captain pays no attention to Ryndir’s compliments on his kilt or the specially designed staircase. Finally, they reach the bottom and move down a long corridor. Small chambers lie on either side of the corridor and upon glancing in, the heroes see more Yuan-Ti, though these ones seem afraid of the outsiders. The heroes wave at them to make them feel better.

The heroes are led into a massive center chamber, one bedecked with pillars and a great throne. Yuan-Ti watch the heroes from all over the room as the heroes are led before the throne. Upon the throne sits a Yuan-Ti bedecked in a heavy cloak and grasping an ornate scepter. Like the Yuan-Ti captain, the leader has the body of a man and the head of a serpent. On either side of him are familiar faces. To his left is the Yuan-Ti they had abducted the night before. On the right is a young woman with reptilian eyes and a forked tongue. On her belt is an expressionless mask and her hair is drawn back in a braid and tipped with a long fang. The heroes recognize the horrible mask from their ordeal in the panic maze in Ravenswood.

The leader of the Yuan-Ti addresses the heroes, with obvious displeasure. The heroes relay the story they discussed, swearing that the horrible Olaf was to blame for the entire debacle. Ulfgar holds up the wanted poster to prove his point. The heroes suggest that the former Yuan-Ti captive be consulted for verification. The Yuan-Ti chief tells the heroes that their friend had a different story and that all those involved in the crime would be executed. He has the heroes’ friend brought out and the heroes are surprised when it’s not Smugs. It is a young woman, frightened, and unfamiliar to the Unflankables. Azaghal remembers that she was at the bar the night before.

The heroes are confused and a tad apprehensive as it seems that the Yuan-Ti intend to kill them. However, they hear an odd noise, the sound of glass rolling on sand. From one of the tunnels, a massive glass orb filled with pink gas rolls quickly into the chamber. Pushing the orb of sleeping gas is none other than Smugs, hero of heroes. The orb collides with one of the pillars and shatters. The pink mist quickly begins to spread throughout the room. Smugs yells at the Unflankables to run and they do so.

Ulfgar uses the bound Olaf as a battering ram and the heroes charge back towards the corridor. Ryndir inhales too deeply and gets a couple lungfuls of sleeping gas. As the elf falls to his knees, Pineroot pulls out his rope and expertly lassos his fallen companion. The young woman is nowhere in sight, but the Unflankables dash down the hallway dragging Ryndir, pursued by the Yuan-Ti. The gas has made the Yuan-Ti sluggish and the adventurers begin to pull ahead.

From out of one of the side chambers, a young Yuan-Ti pokes its head out and spits a line of poison at the fleeing heroes. The poison hits Azaghal, but he keeps pace with his friends. Darksex throws his Fog In A Jar on the ground obscuring the entire corridor and allowing them to reach the stairwell. Soon enough, the heroes are back on the surface. They quickly pile into the wagon and take off, heading back towards Ravenswood.

On the way, Pineroot and Ulfgar peruse the wanted posters, recognizing the Yuan-Ti assassin with the mask among them. The heroes begin questioning Olaf, who refuses to cooperate. Ulfgar threatens to throw him out of the wagon for the Yuan-Ti and the captive dwarf shuts up. Darksex forces his truth serum down Olaf’s throat and the questioning begins once again. Through their intense line of questioning, the heroes learn that the Yuan-Ti chief was the one responsible for destroying the Ravenswood prison. He only was there to free his fellow Yuan-Ti, Maylar, the masked assassin. The rest of the escapees scattered in all directions, heading anywhere but Ravenswood. Olaf followed the Yuan-Ti along with a greasy halfling named Cy. The last place he saw Cy was The Bronze Pony. Also his favorite food is duck noodles.

The Unflankables can’t pass up a second bounty and before they know it, they’re skidding to a halt outside the inn. Ulfgar, Darksex, and Pineroot stroll in to the tavern. Azaghal, following behind, takes a door to the face. Cy is easily spotted playing cards with some other hooligans. Ulfgar calls out his name and then outs him to his cronies about his shady crimes. Cy snatches up a bunch of gold and dashes towards the exit. Ulfgar winds up and socks him in the face. Gold flies everywhere as the unconscious halfling hits the floor. Darksex’s shadow butler sneaks away some of the gold and the heroes hit the road once again, plus one more bagged criminal and an order of badger and duck noodles.



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